What Should You Do If You Suspect Someone is Suicidal?

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among young people and those who experience depression, and it is one of the saddest things that takes away a loved one from their families. No one wants to lose someone they care about to suicide, and to that end, they could be wondering what they should do in the event that they think someone they care about could be experiencing suicidal thoughts.

You don’t have to stand idly by if you suspect that someone close to you is thinking about suicide. Try a few of the following steps to help your loved one you care about them and want them to continue living.

Helping a Suicidal Person

If you suspect someone you know is thinking about suicide, consider a few of these steps for helping them out.

1. Let the person know you are there and that you care for them.

Sometimes, all someone thinking about suicide needs is a friendly person to talk to. Extend your friendship to the person and let them know you are there and available to talk if they need to.

2. Offer to spend time with the suicidal person.

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Another great thing you can do is offer to spend some time with the person. Maybe they don’t many friends and feel lonely. A friendly face spending some time with the person could be all they need to see they aren’t alone in the world.

3. Suggest the person seek help.

Let your suicidal loved one know you care by suggesting that they seek help for their suicidal thoughts. Let them know you don’t like the idea of them no longer being in the world and that you would like for them to stick around and continue living for years to come, and that talking with a professional might be a good way for them to turn their negative thoughts around.

These are a few ways you can go about trying to help someone you care about that might be thinking about suicide. Don’t hesitate if you see any of the signs, and if you think it is dire, suggest your loved one seek help from suicide prevention petersburg professionals, who are there to help anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts or actions to give things a second thought and turn these thoughts around.